Areopoli is a village of East Mani, Prefecture of Laconia, Peloponnese. It is a historic settlement, which kept its independence during the Turkish rule, and it was the home of the Mavromichali family. It is the seat of the Municipality of Oitylo and is considered historically protected, preserving the traditional colour of Mani.  In the old days, the community of Areopoli, Region of Oitylo of Laconia included the villages and the settlements Dryalia, Kouskouni, Krialianika, Lagokoili and Limeni. The population of Areopoli numbered 1,380 people in 1950 and the whole community then numbered 1,940 people. According to the data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority during the population census in 2011 there were 888 residents.

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